Understand the optimum colour range available with the correct set up or Artwork, Workflow and Papers on CorrStream


What will it cost you to run a Digital Printer in your corrugated packaging facility?


How does true water based inkjet compare to the best in high quality post print?

Our Vision

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With over 30 years experience and knowledge supplying the Corrugated industry SUN Automation now turn this to Digital Print with Corrstream
Our Team is ready to support your digital decisions at every step. Lets take a look at your real world print needs and provide a Total Cost of Ownership insight 

What to Consider... 

Ink Price
Ink Consumption per M2
Head Price
Head Life
Send Us Your Test Artwork

To ensure full understanding of your costs ahead of investing in a Corrstream feel free to send us representative samples of your existing artwork.

Our team of SUN Print Specialists will then get to work optimising the artwork to the printer providing you Samples and a full report on 

- Quality

- Colour

- Cost

* Please provide FULL SIZE High Resolution files in Ai original and PDF for best results 

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